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How can I open an account with EWH?

To open an account, simply download and complete all pages of the credit application form from our website .  When this has been completed, please contact your nearest branch and we shall have your account set up together with an allocated sales representative who will be responsible for the management of your account.

How can I order through EWH?

Once your account has been set up, you can either phone, fax or email your orders through to EWH to be processed for next delivery in your area.

What is the cut off time for ordering through EWH?

Generally, orders will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery to your location. However, for next day delivery in metropolitan Sydney, Newcastle or Coffs Harbour, EWH requires your orders to be received before 9:00pm the previous night to allow adequate time for processing and packaging of the products for delivery.

Does EWH have online ordering?

Yes, EWH has an online ordering portal set up for those who may find it more convenient to order online.. Simply put a request through to our head office and we shall have an online ordering account set up along with your favourite (frequently ordered ) items to minimise the time needed for you to complete your order.

What days do you deliver?

EWH delivers Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Depending on your location, we shall be able to deliver your order on our next delivery in your area, usually the next working day.

I have an order being delivered and want to know the location of your truck?

Every EWH delivery vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking and temperature monitoring. Simply give the office a call, and they will let you know how far away our truck (your delivery) is.

I have received a wrong product, who do I contact?

In the rare instance a wrong product was delivered, please contact your nearest branch with details. EWH will arrange for the driver nearest to your location to pick up the goods at your convenience.

How do I pay my account?

EWH accept four payment methods- cash, cheque, credit card (with authority) or EFT (electronic funds transfer) including BPAY. For further questions, please feel free to contact our accounts receivable department.

What certifications does EWH have?

EWH is certified to ISO 22000 quality management system and also licensed with the NSW Food Authority. All current certificates are available for download here.

How can I get access to your specials or reward program?

EWH is a member of Countrywide buying group which runs the Signature Rewards Loyalty Rewards program. In addition, EWH also runs its own seasonal specials for loyal customers. For more information and to have a loyalty program attached to your account please contact your sales representative.